Who are you?

People, places and well everything are a wonder to me.

The snow dusting. The sun reflecting. The incredibly chubby red robin nestled by a tree today (size of a chicken, no joke).

Complete side note…Today I chased a sunrise, a old truck, flowers in the snow and icy spiderwebs.

A month ago the chase involved this gentleman busker in Seattle at the market. Nope didn’t grab his name, but the image and feels it gives me. Perfection.

Prompt: Face in a crowd.


Furthest Point

At the furthest point in the contiguous United States, Cape Flattery in Washington state has some beautiful spots, beaches lonely and windswept. Allowing for thoughts to blow and turn. Also some beach treasures…because who does not like beach treasures?

Word prompt encrusted! Ah hah!

This wild little tree group hanging on for dear life to a boulder that has tumbled down…

This little bit of seaweed? Coral? To some beach debris.

Good day. Encrusted and all.

History Comforts

Creature comforts.

This phrase seems to stick with me in response to the word prompt.

Windows, doors and transportation all could be seen as creature comforts. Human comforts. Over time they decay and I may move onto other comforts. Many the same, because who the hell likes change. Some slightly different or extremely different, depending on how I want to break out of my self imposed SELF.

Capturing these images which grow into thoughts and stories is a pleasure to me. Not sure why. Most likely, routine and familiarity to me is a creature comfort also.

Here are a few images of creature comforts seen on the Seattle underground tour. Look around you now, see the same things recreated newer and brighter.

Skylights in the sidewalk. To allow light to the tunnels below.

Locks/latch. Everyone has something they lock or latch. This one no longer functions except in memory.

Words, letters and signs. I want them in my life. I cant read minds and want direction (a little), took me years to figure that out. Not sure what this sign originally said. Guess SAM’S will have to do.

Word Prompt – Creature

Did you know?

Driving from wk to the bank to pay the mortgage yesterday. All of a sudden police lights in my rearview. Oh crap.

Pull over. 

Me: I don’t think I was speeding.

Officer: When was the last time you got tabs?

Me: um. Oh crap. I thought I bought them.

Officer: no ma’am they are expired. From October. Is there a reason for that?

Me: I forgot and I am an airhead?

Officer: license? 

Me: its in the trunk in my purse 

Officer: ma’am you cannot get out ofthe car during a traffic stop.

Me: um. 

Officer: give me the older registration and I will run your name. Insurance? I see you are trying to pull it up on your phone. You do understand that only wks if you have internet signal. 

Me: yes sir (misty eyed at this point, and angry because I forgot the DAMN TABS). He walks away. As I frantically try to get my insurance card.

Officer comes back.

Officer: well? 

Me: almost have it…

Officer: well, a ticket for expired tabs, a cracked window, no license and no insurance..is blah blah blah

Me: frantically money budgetting in my head, yes sir.

Officer: but this time I am going to let you go with a warning.

Me: babbling in my head. Thank you very much sir. 

Drives off.

A loophole? Perhaps. I am just glad he didn’t slap me with the over 500.00 in fines. Still can’t afford to fix the crack in the window, but the tabs are payed…

Word Prompt – loophole ( a day late)


This is one of my favorites. May have posted before. This is a book stack at Olivanders Wand Shop at Universal studios. This photo feels like the very best day to me.  

Being able to have a quiet corner. The silence wraps around me like a warm quilt. Blocking out the must dos and the oh craps. To concentrate on worlds and people I can see in my imagination.

Word Prompt – Silence

If I could, I would

Three things that I would love to take additional classes on are:

~photography – Not photoshop, not that there is anything wrong with editing. Learning more about cameras themselves and the functionality of the settings. I know just enough to get by now. Mostly by feel. Also it would be cool to intern with a photographer, even if it were grunt work I know I could learn something and it would be kinda cool.

~psychology – Why people are the way they are. I think that people and their people-ness is amazing. 

~welding – Because…well it sounds so cool, looks cool and it would be something different to study.

Word Prompt – Study