Comet Falls Hike   

 I like to hike to a destination as opposed to just “lets go hiking”.  The final destination for this one was an amazing waterfall called Comet Falls. Trail head easy to get to, mileage was not terrible. So I figured I would plan and do it!

  I have been doing my hikes solitary. My husband will break himself if he goes, or we will have to turn around because he overestimated what he could actually do. My friends, well, they don’t get it. They also would want to go, but there is not immediate gratification to this adventure, so they peter out also. So I hike alone.

  “Aren’t you afraid for your Safety?!” This is a comment that I get at least once a planning session for a hike. Let me lay it out for you folks you here.

-I can’t carry a Gun,  regulation prohibit carrying in some places, and in my opinion if you are not exstremly confident in your use of a gun, you probably shoulddnt use one. Even more of a caution if you are going to get sweaty and distrsacted while hiking. I also am pretty sure that I would end up shooting my foot off. So this is not an option.

-A knife. Well same reasons as above. 

-Bear Spray? Pepper Spray? Have you used the sprays lately?  Well the issue with these are, it can just as likely spray back at you vs at an attacker. 

-So my solution is to be aware. Let people know where I will be, so they could find me if needed. Do not hike with both ear buds in. Be aware. Hike on trails that are clearly marked. I also have taken to carrying a pole. Figuring I could sword fight my way out of a situation (joke). 

  Solitary for me is a need. I am an extrovert, but I find that I need to hide. I need down time away from people. I also know that if I put off this hike or plan, well, there could be no tomorrow for me to make it up. 

Thank you for reading, enjoy the pictures and if you have any feedback on hikes or writing let me know!


~Mt Rainer wild flower meadows

~purple daisy and white stars

~don’t forget to look up!

~or down, enjoying yourself being solitary.


 (word prompt – substandard)

  Everyone has goals, maybe they are work, life, daily, weekly, yearly everyone is different. Having lived a bit, my current rule is to NOT have substandard goals. Having ones that work for me, be they little or big. Don’t sell myself short by being less than what I know is within my ability. To ultimately live and live well. 

Sounds so simple. 

  Before anyone asks the question, no I am not in imminent danger of dying suddenly (as far as I know). I have discovered over the last few years, I need to DO. “Doing” for me can be a variety of things. Hiking, doing something that I haven’t before, visiting people that widen my circle. Not letting anyone in my circle of life slow me down. I am not rich, but I WILL be rich in memories and experiences, before my life is thru. I used to trap myself when I felt people’s disapproval. Well they don’t want to do this THING, so I won’t do it either. I then would alternate between anger and sadness, at not having perfection of a person to approve or see my vision. THEN. Then I realized, it is not about them, yes they affect me, but I am master of my own destiny and if I am doing something that is not hurting myself or them, by golly I should do so! Once I had this small revelation, I felt happier, I did/do more. I find that I like planning, fussing over the next adventure. Sometimes those adventure plans include my circle of family and friends, sometimes the circle may be the end game in my journey. So don’t be substandard. Live higher than standard if possible. 

  This is a hike I just went on. In the PNW. 

Mail Box Peak-New Trail. 10 miles-ish round trip. Started at 5:15am. 4000ft gain. Peaked at 9:30am and ruined at least three toes, trail running down. Round trip it was 7.5 hours. 

Questions: Did you go by yourself?? Well. Yes, yes I did. If I waited for a partner I may wait forever. I have decided though, I will NEVER be substandard again. I will set my standard. 

Seaside Memories


Have you ever smelled a memory? 

A scent that reminds you of a person place or thing. 

The smells of wet sand, sunwarmed sea critters and scorched wood from beach firepits. These fragrances bring to mind vacations. Happy vacations of walking miles, looking for the perfect treasure that has washed up on the beach just for me. 

Dunes with sharp beach grasses.

Sparkly sands.

Wheeling seagulls.


As many sand dollars a person can spend

The fragrance of the sea…

Word Prompt ~ Dash

The combination of the daily word prompt and my photo prompt in another media brings to you the word “dash” and “favorite time of the day”.

I am a early riser. I love the dark of the morning. Two AM seems so much AM than staying up late in the evening hours. It may have become this due to my shift work at a manufacturing plant over the last 20 years. But. I dont think that is it entirely. The dawn and dark of the morning is quiet. No one to ask me to do things, or want from me. Choosing to do nothing or dashing about. 





Or to just stay snuggled reading a book or something else. 

Probably from a psychological point of view, being up at dawn is my choice. My control. So dashing or not. Mine.Here is a beautiful morning shot of the local mountain, Mt Rainer, just as I made it to work. A pull over on this busy road, grab the camera and trying to catch what I see. The peace, the quiet. Morning. Not a dash all the time. 

(If you run across this leave me comments or feedback on writing or photography!)

On donuts…

Have one. You only have to have one. Or only eat half. Office people. Stop. Bringing. Sweets. 

One of those beautiful smooth powder dusted jelly filled.

One of the maple with crispy bacon.

One of the chocolate glaze, whose top is unblemished by being bumped so the surface looks like glass.

My lord I do love a donut. Here it comes. But.

I refuse to have one. One single donut!? Hogwash. 

If I can’t have two of those beauties then I am going to walk away. 


So I did. It made me laugh, but it worked. This time. 
(Portland Oregons very own VOODOO doughnuts from a couple months ago and yes I had two.)

Why do I wander?

If I can do a photo a day, pretty sure I can write something every day.

Why do I want to keep moving? To continue adventures? Exploring abandoned buildings. Road trips. Planning.

Well. Frankly I am afraid if I don’t, my time will run out. That I wont be able to DO adventure anymore. People have asked me, my answer is as above. “I have to before its to late.” Have to say…

“Damn you are amazing.”(To friends and family)

“Whoa I have never done that before.” (On scuba diving and tandem sky diving)

“My god its beautiful here.” (Scotland and my backyard, two different places by the way.)

So do. Be. Say. Before time runs out. We all are here only for a certain amount of time.